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Exalux LEDZEP Punch


New Concept, New Standard

LEDZEP™ PUNCH is the ultra-bright LED panel that sets a new standard for the film industry.

LEDZEP™ PUNCH is thin, lightweight, robust, versatile and fully tuneable from 2700K to 6500K.


  • New emitters, never run out of light
  • Fill up with light, stay light
  • LEDZEP™ punch, a family affair
  • ZEPELIN™ inflatable diffusion, a magic touch to skin tones
  • Smooth dimming, with our LEDMASTER dimmers
  • Powered by Exapower SPS-360-24-VL2 , get the best of your LEDZEP punch!
  • Accessorise in a snap, as you want


More Info

Focused Beam. More Illuminance
With LEDZEP™ PUNCH, you can get up to 3 times more illuminance thanks to our amazing Punch LED Engine.

Thanks to the focused beam, a maximum of the luminous flux issued from the emitters is used to light up the subject, whereas on standard 120° LED based panels, a part of the luminous flux is lost due to the wide angle. With PUNCH concept, you get more illuminance even when the light is diffused trough a diffusion cloth.

New Emitters. Perfect Colour Rendition
Here at EXALUX, we cultivate «The French art of light». We work with light as a noble material with care and passion.

We have selected the finest LED bin to create our powerful Tuneable White LED Engine. It delivers a rich and variable white from 2700K to 6500k with a very low chromatic shift.

Shape Your Light. Get The Full Light Control
Shaping light has never been easier thanks to the wide range of DpP choice and ZEPELIN™ diffusers. As easy as 1,2,3. DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® mount on the front of a SNAPBOX® or a ZEPELIN™ diffuser to control the spread of the light.

A wide range of accessories is available to customise your LEDZEP™.

Powered By EXAPOWER SPS-360-24-VL2.
Get The Best Of Your LEDZEP PUNCH!
EXALUX™ SPS-360-24-VL2 is the perfect compliment to your LEDZEP™ PUNCH 2X4. Its able to power the fixture more than one hour using two 15Ah V-Mount batteries.